Maker Space Therapy

Maker Space Bumble

Bumble is our second generation workspace with improvements that will allow children to explore and bring new ideas to live.

  • Product Description


    -Width x Depth x Height: 32 x 20 x 36
    -Powder coated Steel Construction
    -Locking caster wheels
    -Locking Cabinets
    -Acrylic plastic siding
    -Single power cord runs entire device


    -Remote/music controlled LEDs
    -side mount power outlet (3 prong)
    -Hand-painted mural

    Workspace Equipement

    -Raspberry Pi Kit
    -Raspberry Pi v.3
    -Raspberry Pi Essentials Kit
    -10.5” touch screen monitor
    -Additional LEDs and Components
    -Windows Laptop
    -Crafting supplies